The best way to answer "Is The Mountain out?"

A crowd sourced website to report and check the status of The Mountain. Brought to you by Rainier Watch.

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Screenshot showing the beta version of the rainier watch app website

All the features

Not everything will be ready at launch, but here's some things we want to include on the site.

  • Report

    Report from your location if you see The Mountain out!

  • Status

    Check if The Mountain is out for different locations across Western Washington.

  • Interactive Map

    Zoom in and out and scroll across Western Washington to see where The Mountain is out.

  • Use from any device

    It's on the world wide web baby! Our first stage for this project is building a website for all to use.

  • Privacy Focused

    Your reports are anonymized & randomized - we don't sent your GPS to the server but use a 100m² grid.

  • Use Telegram

    Use the world's best messaging platform to report. This will part of a future update.

See recent Mountain out status reports

Including an interative map showing the various cities across Western Washington

“This is pretty much the coolest thing ever. I check it every morning - even before I open my weather app.”

Screenshot showing the alpha version of the rainier watch app website
David, a very unbiased source who just happens to be one of the guys behind it

Report if The Mountain is out

Using an open source library focused on privacy protection, we will triangulate your location to an approximate area then show your report on the map

Screenshot showing the alpha version of the rainier watch app website

About us

Howdy - we are David and Michael, a two man team who happen to be brothers. We've been running things at for awhile in our spare time and have had this website idea for years. We are so stoked to launch and hope you love it!

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